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Parish Involvement

Ladies' Sodality
Formed to encourage involvement for women in the church. The Ladies' Sodality group is separated into three committees including the quilt committee, kitchen committee, and the funeral committee.  Meetings are held once a year.

Vice-President: Julie Huelsman        Secretary: Kim Schneider


Men's Sodality
Men's sodality instills the Catholic faith into the men of our community through service and volunteer activities.


President: Matt Rehkemper                   Treasurer: Matt Schrage

Vice-President: Brett Timmermann      Secretary: Mark Meyer


Kitchen Committee {Lady's Sodality}

The kitchen committee is a group under the ladies sodality. They are responsible for the organization of the kitchen for the St. Rose Annual Festival.


Chairman: Karen Kaufmann

Co-Chairman: Laura Gall


The RCIA group prepares individuals to join the Catholic Faith through volunteer service. 

Contact: Father. Ed Schaefer


Adult Faith Formation
The Adult Faith Formation provides our Adult Catholics with continuing education and Catholic faith development through Spring and Fall programs in Scripture Study and Catholic Teaching. 
Contact: Myrt Rollins, 314-707-7063,

Have you use our Spiritual Reading Cabinet lately? NOW is a good time!
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1. "Beautiful Mercy"  by many authors
2. "Rising to Common Ground" (Overcoming America's Color Lines) by Danny
3. "How Much IS Enough"  by Arthur Simon


Married couples assist with marriage preparation program for engaged couples. Volunteers present on a variety of marriage-prep topics. Pre-Cana events are held at Mater Dei High School. Length of service is flexible.


Parish Outreach
Our Parish Outreach Ministry informs parishioners to care for the advocate on behalf of those in need in our own backyard and throughout our world. Our parish focuses each month on a different area of social concern.

Contact: Myrt Rollins 314-707-7063

President: Jenna Kues

Treasure: Cassandra Benhoff


Church Choir
The choir praises God through song and music. The choir sings at special Masses (Christmas, Easter, Confirmation, etc.) and at both Sunday masses.

Eucharist Ministers
Eucharistic ministers are called to distribute the Body and Blood of Christ to the assembly at Sunday Mass and to assist the priest.

Gift Bearers
Members of the parish contribute to mass by presenting the Offertory gifts to Father at the altar.

Duties are to assist the priest in the celebration of Sunday & weekday Mass as the volunteer servers are assigned monthly. Serve from 4th grade to sophomore in high school.

Community Outreach

Meals on Wheels
Deliver meals to individuals at home to help those who can not prepare their own meals.

Support and sponsor Pro-Life events through the St. Rose Church. 
Contact: Lisa Baer

Local Organizations

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